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Hello folks at Digiarty...

My suggestions...

1) More output formats for "Movie Conversion"
2) More output formats for "Audio Conversion"
3) Ability of DVD9 to DVD5
4) Ability of disabling "SplashScreen"
5) Native 64bit & Portability
6) Ability of "Subtitle Extraction"
7) Ability of creating "Movie Thumbnail Sheets"
8) A locally installed helpfile would be appreciated

- Copy to Single MPEG2 File, I couldn't unselect unwanted Audio?
- GUI text is not fully visible in GUI (Chapter Extraction) (Copy DVD t..)
- I do like the new GUI much better in this Professional version.

All the best, Bionic..

Bionic , 23.04.2011, 02:22
Idea status: under consideration


Mike H, 23.04.2011, 04:47
When copying to an MPG file, the program chooses 350x480 instead of the original 720x480. This seems to be an error. Leave it as original, or make it selectable.

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